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    Game Guides, Suggestions and Feedbacks

    Post by Yab™ on March 10th 2012, 10:14 am

    GG RULE 1. No spamming. If you want to bump your guide, please do it once a day at the most. If you still don't get any replies to your guide, PM or ask a fellow poster or the GM Team to review your guide while you review his/hers.

    GG RULE 2. Post helpful feedback. Everyone has their own method of giving feedback, just make sure it is useful. Don't just reply a word without having a reason. Give your rationale on why you prefer these and that and so on. Guide writers, defend your guide in a rational manner. A good guide writer accepts criticism in a civil and calm way. Remember that others will not always agree with what you write, and you will always have critics when you make a guide.

    GG RULE 3. No plagiarizing. If you wish to post a guide of someone else, whether from this forum to another or vise versa, be sure to ask him/her first and be sure you place a working link to the original guide and proof (preferably a screenshot of your PM and his reply) on the first page the guide you are reposting. Report guides that are plagiarized and appropriate action will be taken. Plagiarism is worth two infractions. GM Team have the right to do a background check on guides that are posted at their own discretion.

    GG RULE 4. Write your guide in English. This is an international forum, use English for your guides so that everyone can understand them.

    GG RULE 5. Do not post your guide in someone else's. We appreciate your help, but it is downright obnoxious to post your guide in another poster's thread. Let people decide how their guide will go. You may give them advice, but guide hijacking is plain wrong.

    SS RULE 1. Do Not Spam Suggestions
    Please do not post any individual suggestion multiple times; you can make multiple posts in a thread with different material, and have multiple suggestions in any one post, but repeatedly posting the same suggestion will be considered spamming.

    SS RULE 2. Suggestions Should Be Detailed
    You guys come up with some great ideas, but without details, it can be very hard for us to understand exactly what you want. Don't reply to a post with just compromises (e.g I agree, yes, and so forth) only GM Team has the right to do that. By making your suggestion as detailed as possible (a good guideline is more than three sentences long) you help ensure that your suggestion isn't misunderstood. Any posts found to be severely lacking in detail will be deleted.

    SS RULE 3. Suggestions, Not Complaints
    This is not the place for you to be posting Complaints about Temptation Ragnarok Online. Posts containing complaints masquerading as suggestions will be deleted, regardless of whether or not they contain other valid suggestions.

    SS RULE 4. Follow Individual Thread Rules
    Each Thread has its own rules, detailing exactly the kind of suggestions we're looking for. This means it is especially important to read the first post of any thread before posting in it.

    SS RULE 5. Stay Within The Permitted Topics
    Temptation Ragnarok Online is a relatively a MMORPG game. While additional topics may be added in the future, only specific types of suggestions are being solicited. Please keep your posts related to the topic of the particular thread to which you are replying.

    FB RULE 1. Don't just post feedbacks that are suddenly coming into your mind. Please gather all the facts and ideas and as well as the outcomes of your Feedbacks before posting. We are looking forward to those worthy Feedbacks.

    FB RULE 2. Please make all your feedbacks as clear as a clear water. So that it will be easy for all readers and GM Team to understand your statements.

    FB RULE 3. Polls are another great way to get support! Do create a poll about your feedbacks if you think it is appropriate and if you would like support from other people.

    FB RULE 4. Justification
    Include a reason to support your Feedbacks. Make sure it is indicative of the problem and how your Feedbacks can alleviate the problem.

    FB RULE 5. Never precede negative feedback with positive feedback.

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