Guide in Summoning Thanatos Phantom

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    Guide in Summoning Thanatos Phantom

    Post by Yab™ on April 9th 2012, 1:58 pm

    This guide shows how to summon Thanatos Phantom


    To enter inside the Thanatos Tower, you must first talk to the Tower Keeper at hu_fild01


    To enter inside the Thanatos Tower, you can talk to Warp Agents and request to be teleported at Thanatos Tower [ Dungeon ]

    Now you may start the quest for summoning Thanatos Phantom.


    1 Talk to the Guide name Ditze. She will inform you about Rekenber Corporation project, offer your help by signing on the Temporary Work Contract. Then proceed to the next floor.

    2 Find the Entrance Guide at 2nd floor. Remember you must sign the contract first and have atleast Five (5) party members to activate the elevator at the 3rd floor.

    3 Getting the Red Key at the 3rd floor and all the other key is a must. You need to equip a Level 4 Weapon to smash the Machine Device and obtain the Red Key.

    4 Getting the Yellow Key at the 4th floor requires pure patience and tactic because you have to solve the puzzle. You have to guess 3 numbers between 1 to 9 (without repeating). Every turn you have to input 3 numbers and the machine will tell you how many of them are correct and how many of them are in the combination but not in the right position. You have 5 attempts. If you fail, the machine will reset and the code will change. When you solve the puzzle, you’ll obtain the Yellow Key.

    5 Getting the Blue Key at the 5th floor requires atleast Three (3) Party Members. Get closer to the machine then by investigating the machine you can obtain the Blue Key.

    6 Getting the Green Key at the 6th floor requires you to switch correctly the wheels of the Machine Device by following this rotations:
    • 1st Small Wheel -> Raise Wheel (1st option)
    • 2nd Small wheel -> Lower Wheel (2nd option)
    • 1st Big Wheel -> Vertically Shift Wheel (3rd option)
    • 2nd Big Wheel -> Raise Wheel
    • 3rd Big Wheel -> Raise Wheel

    7 Next key will be the Black Key at the 9th floor. Just input the word "Key" when it's needed.

    Acquiring the stones, you must have taken the corresponding keys in the first hand.
    Then start going to the 1st floor again until you reach the 12th floor.

    1 Reach the 4th floor and find the Seal.
    There you should insert the Blue Key to obtain the Blue Charm Stone.

    2 Reach the 5th floor and find the seal.
    There you should insert the Red Key this time to obtain the Red Charm Stone.

    3 Reach the 6th floor and find the next seal.
    There you should insert the Black Key to obtain the Black Charm Stone.

    4 Reach the 7th floor and find the next seal.
    There you should insert the Yellow Key to obtain the Yellow Charm Stone.

    5 Reach the 10th floor and find the last seal.
    There you should input the word "Green Key" to obtain the Green Charm Stone.

    6 Reach for the 12th floor and insert all Charm Stones to the statues accordingly.
    • Red Charm Stone to Stone Statue at West
    • Yellow Charm Stone to Stone Statue at East
    • Blue Charm Stone to Stone Statue at Southwest
    • Black Charm Stone to Stone Statue at North
    • Green Charm Stone to Stone Statue at Southeast

    When you successfully inserted the Charm Stones, go directly at the middle and enter to the warp portal. There you will summon and fight Thanatos Phantom.

    Insert the Fragments in their corresponding platforms by stepping on the circular logo seen at the floor.

    Insert the Fragment of Sorrow to the Platform at Northeast and defeat the monster.

    Insert the Fragment of Agony to the Platform at Southeast and defeat the monster.

    Insert the Fragment of Hatred to the Platform at Southwest and defeat the monster.

    Insert the Fragment of Despair to the Platform at Northwest and defeat the monster.

    Step at the circular logo at the floor in North and defeat all Thanatos minions.

    After defeating the minions of all platforms finally, Thanatos Phantom will be summoned at the center, so go directly at the middle and defeat the Boss - Thanatos Phantom.

    • If you are stuck at one of the top floors looking for portal, this might help - Thanatos Steps
      Click on the green label for the floor you are currently stuck in, it will show you the floor map and also a green label to thana_step (that is the portal you should go to get out of that floor).

    • If you are getting the message “The statue is emanating an intense light, making it so hot” at the statues or “You cannot approach the crest because it is generating intense heat.” at the top floor, that means Thanatos have been summoned not long ago. You have to way at least 2 Hours for the quest to reset.

    • If you have finished the quest and you want to summon the Thanatos Phantom again, you need to get the Five Charm Stones. So you have to repeat the entire quest (but you don’t need to talk to Ditze anymore) but remember to wait for 2 Hours since you defeat the Boss - Thanatos Phantom.

    • If you don’t find the warp to the next floor in the un-mapped floors (from 9th to 12th) just look here -Thanatos Tower Maps, the warps you’re looking for can be marked.

    Thanks to Vahnadel & RMS Staff for the original guide.

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