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    Starter's Guide

    Post by Yab™ on April 8th 2012, 9:52 am

    Temptation Ragnarok Online
    March 17, 2012

    Considering that Ragnarok is an older game which came out summer 2002 its very system friendly our Private Server Temptation Ragnarok Online is especially friendly with Windows Vista and Windows 7 too but you do not need the newest operating system or the newest video card and system to be able to play the requirements are really low. Setup was specially made so it's and is easy install as well as updating when patches are out. If you have a MAC you need to use Parallels Desktop because the game was made for windows based but it will also work with Linux if you use wine as well. You can also play the game with a computer that is older by old we mean this will work with a Pentium III with 550 MHz at lowest requirement. While most computers that are considered old are over 1 GHz you can play the game exceptionally well with most computers. So even if you think you are computer is junk you can still play, so have no fear!

    Temptation Ragnarok Online is a High Rate server addressed to give you entertainment and satisfaction. Please review our Rules and Regulations before playing.

    • Experience Rates: Base 8000.00x / Job 8000.00x
    • Normal Drop Rates: Common 8000.00x / Healing 10000.00x / Usable 8000.00x / Equipment 8000.00x / Card 5000.00x
    • Boss Drop Rate: Common 3000.00x / Healing 10000.00x / Usable 8000.00x / Equipment 3000.00x / Card 2000.00x
    • Other Drop Rates: MvP 3000.00x / Card-Based 5000.00x / Treasure 10000.00x
    • Custom Drop Rates: Card-Based 3% / Items 20%
    • Max Base Level for All Jobs is 255
    • Max Job Level for All Jobs is 255


    Events by NPCs
    Last Man Standing
    Poring Catcher
    Find the Poring
    Find the Treasure
    Monster Invasion
    Events by GMs
    Break the Code
    Break the Pub
    Break the Bank
    Cold Dazzle
    Cunning Thief
    Guess and Win
    Fix the Scrambled Words
    Looter Invasion
    Dice to Death
    Tarot Roulette and many more

    1 Silver Valkyrie Armor[1], 5pcs Field Manual 300%, 1 Doppelganger Card, 1 Knife[4]
    and 1 Clothing[1]

    • Monday: From 14:00 until 15:00 Server Time 7:00-8:00 PH Time
    • Tuesday: From 14:00 until 15:00 Server Time 7:00-8:00 PH Time
    • Wednesday: From 14:00 until 15:00 Server Time 7:00-8:00 PH Time
    • Thursday: From 14:00 until 15:00 Server Time 7:00-8:00 PH Time
    • Friday: From 14:00 until 15:00 Server Time 7:00-8:00 PH Time
    • Saturday: From 14:00 until 15:00 Server Time 7:00-8:00 PH Time
    • Sunday: From 14:00 until 15:00 Server Time 7:00-8:00 PH Time


    • Set your account/s by registering in our website - and also here in our forum.
      - When you have your account/s already, manually vote for points.
      - Secure and don't forget your account information’s.
    • Always check new posts our updates here in our forum, at our fan page and at our group page.
    • Download the game at
      - Be sure you have the latest Ragnarok Online Client files like, sakray/ragray/kro but we recommend you to use files at
      - Then don't forget to patch all patchable files.
      When you have the game already.
      Use your account to log-in and decide what name you will use. Be sure to set a proper and clean name.
      - If your name is way too uneasy to understand, then don't expect to be contacted immediately.
      - Your name reflects your character.
      - DO NOT! Impersonate or copy other's name especially the members of the GM TEAM.
      - Avoid namesh*ts. Names that include foul words are subjected for warning and or banishment.

    Now, if you're in game already, get your freebies and choose what character suits you.
    • Swordsman Class
      - Lord Knight & Paladin
    • Thief Class
      - Stalker & Assassin Cross
    • Merchant Class
      - Whitesmith & Creator
    • Archer Class
      - Sniper & Clown/Gypsy
    • Taekwon Class
      - Star Gladiator & Soul Linker
    • Gunslinger Class
    • Ninja Class

    For a list of commands type @commands/@help in game.

    "How to Earn Zen/Credits or Items?"

    • Hunt for Gold:
      - Gold is dropped by certain monsters, mostly from Dokebi and Dokebi can be found right inside the Gold room.
    • Earn Tokens
      be a member of the Treasure Hunting Guild at yuno_in01 122 162, but you have to pay 100,000,000 worth of zenies.
      - When you've achieved in Treasure Hunting Quests (THQ), you will be rewarded of Tokens.
      1 Quests with RED in text color or usually the last option from the Quest Manager are with the highest rewards to be given.
      2 Exchange your Tokens for zeny and/or items in the Treasure Hunter's Official Shop.
      3 You may also sell your Tokens to players, by converting it to your buyer's request or the Castle Drops.
    • Take Quests in exchange of items like Wings, Headgears and the like then sell it to players.
    • Gather requirements or expensive items, use it to complete a quest then sell the quest item, or sell the requirements items.
    • Everyone needs supplies, so hand many of it and someone will surely buy especially when needed.
    • Winning in Events
      - This can be the easiest way to earn riches, just join in any events and with much effort you may own prizes.
    • Buy and Sell
      - This is a tactical way on managing your riches - buy in a low-priced and sell in a high-priced.
    • If you can hunt or buy summoning branches like, Dead Branch and Bloody Branch then chase monsters for their items and gather them, after that you may use it or sell it for purposes.
    • Items in Hourly Points Shop and other shops can be sold too [ except Vote Points Items ] - for Vote Points Items you can have a separate account and sell that account, only, be sure to secure your main account.

    "What to do when experiencing "Failed to Connect" or "Gravity Error" problems?"

      1. You need to have complete files of Ragray or Sakray/Kro
      DO: Install completely and don't miss even a single file of those.

      2. Always remember to have a FULLY-PATCHED RO GAME CLIENT.
      DO: Click the RAGNAROK.EXE file inside your Ragnarok folder and wait until the patch finishes.


      1. Check whether you have the latest installer.
      DO: Download Installer v2 of Temptation Ragnarok Online properly.

      2. Always remember to have a fully-patched Temptation Ragnarok Online client.
      You need to patch at all times, this could be the problem to few players experiencing connection problems because the server requires a patch.
      DO: Click the TEMPTATIONRO PATCHER.EXE file inside your Ragnarok folder and wait until the patch finishes.
      DO: (If it doesn't patch at all) Find the TEMPTATIONRO.DAT file and delete it then re-patch the client again by clicking on TEMPTATIONRO PATCHER.EXE file.

      NOTE: Only way to overcome these errors is to stay updates, patch to the fullest and install the latest available installers.

      You might have installed other private servers in the past or you just copied Temptation files in your Ragnarok folder with other server files, then this will corrupt Temptation.
      DO: Do not install other private servers together with Temptation in the same Ragnarok folder. It must be with a fresh RO Game Client to avoid errors and conflicts.
      If your problem persists then you may have done something wrong in the process. Then there is only one thing to do:
      Re-install your RAGRAY or SAKRAY/KRO in a different folder.
      Re-install TEMPTATIONRO CLIENT to the folder of newly installed RAGRAY or SAKRAY/KRO.
      Patch both clients - TEMPTATIONRO and RAGRAY or SAKRAY/KRO.

    • Firewall
      - Disable your FIREWALL or ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE to see if that is the problem and then enable it again afterwards and report.

    • Router
      - It could be your router that could be blocking the connection to the server, again, disable your ROUTER'S FIREWALL to see if that's the problem.

    • ISP
      - Another thing is that it could be your ISP making it difficult to connect to the server. You may need to contact your server's provider and ask them to do a line test.

      NOTE: If all were done properly then this will surely fix your problem. Don't be too lazy to patch especially to download RO GAME CLIENTS

    We're in the progress of expanding and updating tons of features in anytime possible. If you would like to know more about the server, download our client. We're also at Facebook, to be more connected join our group. If you have something to ask or suggest then feel free to post or ask any of the GM Team.

    This is a guide for the entire players of Temptation Ragnarok Online.
    Everyone can post or share his/her own perception or guide for the starters.

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