Game Master Jhep™


    Game Master Jhep™

    Post by Jhep™ on March 19th 2012, 4:01 pm

    Full Name: Jheperson G. Obayan
    Gender: Male
    Location: Davao City
    Contact: Facebook
    Describe Yourself: Simple but Dangerous

    GM Name: Jhep™
    Legits: Jhep, Jhepoy

    Position: Event GM
    Specialized In: Something?
    When did you became a Game Master? Since Beta of the Server

    Since when did you play Ragnarok Online? 2006
    How long do you stay online in Temptation Ragnarok Online Server? 15 Hours
    Cite some experience in playing Ragnarok Online:
    Just Play
    Message to Everyone: Ako Budoy

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