Game Master Jya™


    Game Master Jya™

    Post by Jya™ on March 19th 2012, 3:01 pm

    Full Name: Jerick Christian Austria De Guzman
    Gender: Male
    Location: Project 7, Quezon City
    Contact: Mukang Libro
    Describe Yourself: Mathematician, lol

    GM Name: Jya™
    Legits: ChanhaLzkie

    Position: Developer
    Specialized In: Scripting
    When did you became a Game Master? Since Birth Muehehe :'>

    Since when did you play Ragnarok Online? When I was in 6th grade.. Year 2007?
    How long do you stay online in Temptation Ragnarok Online Server? Almost 12hours a day
    Cite some experience in playing Ragnarok Online: I am famous and the number 1 Assassin Cross in my previous server that was f*cked up due to corruption and idiocy of GMs there :)

    Message to Everyone: Bembemboo :D

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