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    Post by Yab™ on March 19th 2012, 2:06 pm

    Full Name: Richelle Bibi Villanueva Dela Cruz
    Gender: Female
    Location: Cagayan, Philippines
    Contact: Facebook
    Describe Yourself: I'm approachable surely and I'm very magalang even if I'm a GM, I'll still say "po" and "opo", but if you're abusive or "walang modo", just please stay out of my sight.

    GM Name: Yab™
    Legits: Diouvelette, Aeiora, Yabibi

    Position: Forum Moderator
    Specialized In: Designing, Developing and Scripting (but not much)
    When did you became a Game Master? Since Beta of the Server

    Since when did you play Ragnarok Online? Since I was a Grade 6, and I'm a 2nd Year College now.
    How long do you stay online in Temptation Ragnarok Online Server? Approximately, 10-13 hours a day.
    Cite some experience in playing Ragnarok Online: My first experience was playing on pRO, then I've been a GM for three different private servers already. I also experienced, as a normal player, fiercefully hunting mobs and knowing more about different people, especially their attitude and how they play the game. You know, when you're really learning a lot..

    Message to Everyone: Not much to ask, just stay on supporting Temptation Ragnarok Online.

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