Etiquette and Conduct Guidelines

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    Etiquette and Conduct Guidelines

    Post by Yab™ on March 10th 2012, 11:08 am

    By registering on our server you agree to abide by all of our terms of use. At any point in time do you violate our terms your account may be warned, suspended, or even terminated. The Rules of Temptation Ragnarok Online may change at sole discretion at any time.

      Temptation Ragnarok Online members will not flame, put down, or chastise any other member, staffer, or guest. We will respect one another and assist the community to continue maintaining its friendly atmosphere.
      Temptation Ragnarok Online members will not endorse other games or sites on our forums or through PMs (personal messages) or e-mails. Signatures may include links to other sites within reason.
      Temptation Ragnarok Online members will not discuss ROMS, emulators, hacks, pyramid schemes, or any other prohibited material on this site.
      Temptation Ragnarok Online members will not post pornographic or ultraviolet material on our forum and will not use profane language.
      Temptation Ragnarok Online members will not post topics in incorrect forums. If a user has a question on where to post a specific topic they should PM (personal message) a Staff of GM Team.
      Temptation Ragnarok Online members will not stalk, threaten, and/or harass other members.
      Temptation Ragnarok Online members will utilize their accounts. Accounts that share the same IP address will be notified and/or terminated upon investigation. You can share you accounts to others but to your own risk. It is your responsibility to hold on authority with your accounts.
      Temptation Ragnarok Online members must be 13 years of age or older to legally use our site. We are not allowed to take information from users 12 or younger by national law. Members not meeting these requirements will be deleted immediately.
      Temptation Ragnarok Online members will not have signatures which stretch the page, cause lag on the site, or are simply too large.
      - Topics, posts, avatars and signatures may be removed and deleted by a Staff of GM Team’s discretion. All content that is can be deemed acceptable and unacceptable will be concluded by Staff of GM Team.

    DO NOT!

    • Transmit any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable content.
    • Post or transmit sexually explicit images or other content that is deemed by us to be offensive.
    • Advocate cheating during gameplay.
    • Impersonate any person.
    • "Spam" by posting frequent and/or annoying messages in the forums.
    • Advertise *anything* without prior written permission from an Administrator.
    • Use foul language for it is not permitted on these forums, we are trying to keep a clean environment.


    • No one may usurp the authority of the Staff of GM Team.
    • Only to the Administrators are authorized on duty at the Forum and Website, or appointed others.
    • Staff of GM Team carry the competence to rule the server, and have the power to strike down any player defying its rules.
    • Safety first. All items must be checked by user itself and are deemed safe. They are not subjected to inspections unless it is necessary.
    • Do not demand anyone else’s property at any time or under any circumstances without their expressed permission.
    • No begging, and asking for position as one of the Staff of GM Team unless recruitment is permitted.
    • Trash must be kept on your own responsibility any lost item also won't be given back.

    Temptation Ragnarok Online expects all players to have read and understood the server rules, which includes the list of violations and penalties. Ignorance is not a defense if proven guilty of violating any of the rules listed.Staff of GM Team reserve the right to terminate your account if it determines in its sole discretion that you have engaged in any impermissible conduct whether or not such conduct violates the Rules and Regulations.

    • Players should not defraud, harass, threaten, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players, including but not limited to targeting another player or group of players.
    • Players should not use any offensive or sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, unlawful and hateful offensive language.
    • Players should not share their account information with others as, you as the account owner, are wholly responsible for the actions of characters created under your account.
    • Players should not be involved in hacking activities for this corresponds to an immense consequence. Players caught by this offense will be on probationary status and will be subjected for major penalties.
    • Nobody is allowed to use the others character name. Ignorance is not a defense for violating this rule.
    • Players must be responsible for their accounts and by using other's char name will be subjected for account blocking. If in doubt, you may confirm the Staff of GM Team of the game for your account status.
    • Players should not impersonate any Temptation Ragnarok Online Staff of GM Team.
    • Players should not possess Superior items such as Ahura Mazdah, Angra Manyu, and the like for it is tremendously illegal. Players should not also possess items that are not pre-launched and are unobtainable. Anyone caught will be subjected for inquiry and interrogation.
    • Players should not use third-party programs or should not attempt to interfere with, hack into, or decipher any transmissions to or from the server. Anyone caught using third-party programs for boss hunting, harvesting and the like will be subject for investigation and interrogation.
    • Players should not advertise any server in game or advertise our server in other private server, forums or within the premises of Temptation Ragnarok Online. Anyone caught will be subjected for account deletition and all other accounts in your IP will be affected as well.
    • Players should not trade their items in Temptation Ragnarok Online to other servers, or sell them in real money. Anyone caught will be subjected for an account deletion including other accounts that is within your name and IP Address. The Staff of GM Team is not responsible for any problems caused by illegal trading, selling or buying of characters or items.
    • Please treat the Staff of GM Team with the same respect you show your fellow players. They are not robots. Their main function is to make your Temptation Ragnarok Online experience enjoyable but fair by enforcing the policies that need to be follow. They can and may give considerations for individuals but DO NOT abuse it.
    • If a Staff of GM Team tries to communicate with you either via PMs, direct conversation, or by summoning your character to his/her location, please cooperate. They are granted authority to discipline delinquent players.
    • Players should not modify any part of the Temptation Ragnarok Online Client and Server. Non-cooperation is considered an offense and may result in the deletion of your RO account. If in doubt, you may confirm a Staff of GM Team's identity via their character sprites.
    • Please do not commit an offense to get a Staff of GM Team’s attention. This may cause more harm than good. If you have grievances/complaints, please submit them to customer support or wait for your turn when speaking to a Staff of GM Team.
    • Players should not exploit any bug in Temptation Ragnarok Online and should not communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug (bugs that grant the user unnatural or unintended benefits) either directly or through public posting, to any other user of Temptation Ragnarok Online.

    • Bugs should be promptly reported to the Staff of GM Team or create a post in the right section of our forum.

    At any time should you fail to abide by these rules you will be either warned, suspended, or even banned from our server.
    Please keep disputes to PM's as much as possible.
    If you cannot sort out an issue then contact a
    Staff of GM Team or if the severity warns please do not hesitate to contact the Administrators.

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